Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A new kind of texting....

For anyone interested in getting in on the texting industry or making a few extra bucks here's a great new idea that I am trying out. It's a new texting concept where YOU do the promoting. Confused yet? I was at first until I did some more research. I'm going to try to explain this as simply as possible.

First, you make a profile for your character. Some people just be themselves while others make a fake profile. You can also post your pics if you choose to do so. You promote yourself by making profiles at various networking sites such as myspace.com, or adultfriendfinder.com and in your profile you can say something along the lines of, "I'm looking to meet new people from all over just text me at blahblah blah number. You can also advertise on various free classified ads, make a blog, there are a million ways you can promote yourself. Then once someone texts into your name and number you get paid for it! Once you make it to $2.00 they give you a list of clients that you can contact. You have two ways to chat with the client, one way is from the website almost like email or instant messenger or you can also have it set up to come straight to your cell phone (your private number is hidden) so that you don't miss any messages.

I've talked to a few people that are making a decent amount from it and they also reward you if you recruit other people to join. I will try to offer more tips here on how to promote yourself and do the work. If anyone is interested in joining just click here and please, please, PLEASE put "natalie81" for your referrer (that's my profile name) so that I get credit for it!

I think if you have the time and put some effort into it this could turn into some nice extra $$$!

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