Tuesday, July 3, 2007

more tips for tptp!

Once you have signed up for tptp and added a pic and a short profile then you are ready to start promoting!

Start looking around at various networking sights like facebook, adultspace.com, adultfriendfinder, cherry tap and others. Make a profile for yourself (or the character you are being). Make it fun and attention grabbing. You will probably get lots of private messages. When I have private message I make up a flirty reply and then tell them that i joined a texting chat line to keep in touch with people and if they wanted to chat to text me there. It's easier if you copy and paste the messages so you don't have to type them over every time you respond.

Ofcourse people are going to want to chat with you over email or IM's so it's good to come up with a good excuse, like you are using a friends computer right now because yours isn't working so that's why you joined the chat line to keep in touch with friends and it keeps your number private. The story I use is that I travel a lot for my job and don't always have access to a computer. I'm sure you can think of all kinds of excuses around it. Try to sound as legit and real as possible so that they dont think you are just a spammer!

If someone leaves you a comment or sends you a friend invite then send them a nice flirty comment back. They will take you more seriously that way plus other people will see your profile that way!

If someone texts in to your name but ends up chatting with someone else you will still get credit for it!

Be careful with myspace because they can be quick to delete accounts if they think you are any kind of spammer! Try to sound as legit as you possibly can!

You can also send out bulletins saying that you are bored and really want to chat and leave your chat info in the bulletin.

Also look for various free classifieds and leave ads saying, "im xx(name) and lookin for some fun chat with me at blahblah number! The possibilities are endless if you use your imagination to grab peoples attention and make them want to chat with you! Be flirty and fun with it!

Here's the link again: TPTP plz make sure you put natalie81 as your referrer!!


Sherry said...

Hi, Nice site. I saw you on mylot and thought I'd check it out.

Have a great day!


crazedmama said...

thanks for stopping by!

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