Monday, March 16, 2009

Interested in Adult work??

For those of you who don't mind doing a bit of adult work to make money from home I've a bit of information for you today!

For those of you who are interested in finding a texting operator position I've found a great forum, It is mostly for those who are wanting to find texting jobs or newbie texters although there are a few old timers like myself on there! They have a lot of information there with things you need to know about becoming a texting operator and they also post any job openings in the texting industry! It's a great way to meet new people, have all of your questions answered and find out how to get your foot in the door! Apart from texting jobs they also have various other money making opportunites listed throughout the forum!

Also, I've come across a great money making opportunity for those of you with a naughty side! It's called It's basically an online sex/hook up/dating service but the women can get paid for chatting with men on the site! You DO have to use your own photo although it doesn't have to be nude or anything like that if you don't want it to be. You don't have to give any of your personal information to the men using the site. You can make all of the info. on your site up, fake name, fake location, you can make it say whatever you want it to say! Here is the best part: you get points for sending male members emails, sending them flirts, uploading pics, uploading videos... etc.. There are all kinds of ways to earn points that you can exchange for cash! The minimum amount you can cash out is $50.00 but if you save your points longer then your exchange rate per point will go up, so you would make more cash per point if you saved a bit longer! It is so easy to do. You can send emails and flirts so quickly and rack up points pretty fast! I've only been on there for a few days and have already earned around $15 in points! That is with me just doing it a bit here and there throughout the day! I'm sure you could make a lot more if you had the time to spend on it every day! Just go to and go to the women's sign up. Once you sign up it will explain to you how to earn points and how the point system works! Good luck!


GreenAngelMom said...

Hello! I found your blog on textilicious! I love to blog too. I love this post of yours. I will check this out! :)

GreenAngelMom said...

So I joined the site last night. So far, so good. :) It's really fun. Best of all, i am earning more on there than the other texting company (with the numbers in the title). Is this the opp you were referring to (making more $$$)???

I'd love to swap links. I will add your blog. :)

~IrishChik~ said...

Hey girl, saw you on textilicious, and followed your blog here. I am going to try this out! Is it still going good for you? (I am IrishChik on the text site)

sharmila said...

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