Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cafe Press Affiliate Program

To be honest, the affiliate program through cafepress has been a great money maker for me. It's simple and easy to do. How it works is you go to and sign up for the affiliate program. You can then find other cafepress stores who are also involved in the affiliate program and link to their site from your own with your own special affiliate ID number. Every time someone uses your link to purchase something from this affiliate store you receive a percentage of the sale! You can also network with other cafe press stores and have them link back to your site with their affiliate number.

I have read a lot of merchants complain that affiliates take part of their profit, which is true, however I look at it as being extra sales that I probably wouldn't have made if it hadn't been for these other sites linking back to my page! If it's bringing more people to my site then that is the most important thing!

If you're not sure where to start to find other stores who are also in the affiliate program you can go to the message boards and look for threads regarding affiliate programs or you can post that you are looking for affiliates and welcome people to link back to your store. It's a great way to get your name out there to more people and to maybe earn you a few extra sales or a few extra bucks! It's great either way because you are always earning money!

You can make a page like mine to let people know about the affiliate program. People don't have to own a cafepress store, they can easily just sign up for the affiliate program and get their ID number and just link back to your site from their own, whether it be a personal website, a myspace page, a blog or a business page.

You can find a lot of very helpful information on the affiliate program through the community message boards at cafepress!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Making your own website?

In my opinion, if you are thinking about starting a cafepress shop it would be in your best interest to create a main domain page website. It gives a little bit of a personal touch to your shop along with a more professional look.

Just because you may not be html savvy that does not mean you can't create your own website. I am pretty ignorant when it comes to html but I made a simple homepage with a domain name for my shop. I not only give information on what my cafepress shop is about, but I also add various pages to the site including a links page and information on becoming an affiliate of the store. The possibilities are endless and having a domain name is much better and easier to remember than having to type out right?

You can use your imagination and be creative with your website and give people a reason to keep coming back! You can advertise sales that you may be running or new products that you have designed and added to your store. You can post up various shirts or products that you have in your shop to entice people into looking at the actual shop location. You want something that is going to catch the viewers eye and keep them going straight to the shop where they can purchase your products.

You can get a lot of ideas by looking through other cafepress shops and their own homepages!

Again, the link to my homepage is: daftcreations

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A few of my cafe press shirt designs!

You can find these shirts at: daftcreations

I decided that every once in awhile I'm going to showcase some of my shirt designs from my daftcreations shop. Here are just two. I try to target more than just one specific kind of customer in my shop. I have everything from shirts for expecting parents, shirts for babies/kids to political shirts, sarcastic shirts, marijuana support and more! I have a lot of different interests in my life and I know that other people do, too!

These designs are pretty simple. Believe it or not, the watermelon shirt has been my best seller! It is ofcourse meant for expecting mothers. It's so surprising to me that it has been such a big hit because it's such an utterly simple design! None of my designs are too fancy or spectacular, but there really isn't a lot I can do with phrases!