Sunday, July 19, 2009

Some great Twitter tools and tips!

I wrote an earlier post about the many uses of Twitter and how you can use it to benefit your blogs and/or website! I've been using it for awhile and just wanted to share some of the tools that I have been using to make things a bit easier!

You could spend all day long posting tweets however there are tools available to help you post everything you want without having to be on the computer all day long and you can also earn money!

Rev Tweet is a great way to earn money through your Twitter account. How it works is that you post some of their ads as a Tweet and you get paid when someone clicks on the ad! If you have a good following this could be something great! I'm all ready earning!

Magpie works the same way as Revtweet. I've already made over $9 with them just over a few weeks and as my twitter following grows I'm sure my earnings will, too! The thing I love with Magpie is that you can turn on Auto-tweets and it will automatically post ads on your Twitter account throughout the day, you don't have to do a thing!
Launch viral advertising campaigns on Twitter with Magpie!

GetMeFollowers is a great way to do just that: get you followers! You earn points for following others and in return others follow you! My follower count has skyrocketed since joining this site!
Get Me Followers

TweetLater is my favorite tool to use with Twitter. You can store all of your tweets here and schedule what time you want them to be tweeted; in an hour, in two hours, three hours... etc.. They also have auto direct messaging set up so when someone follows you it will automatically send out a direct message from you to them. You can set to automatically follow others that follow you or you can pick and choose. You can also sign up for Tweet Later Professional which has even more controls to use over your Twitter account! You can set your tweets to post every so many hours (however many you choose) and it will keep reposting them until you turn them off! You just set them up and sit back and let it do the work for you! You can do just about anything from right here!

I also wanted to give out a little bit of advice on using Twitter. These are just formed from my own opinions but these are some ways that I think you can KEEP your followers following you!

First of all, you need to make your Tweets interesting! Even if you are mainly using Twitter for monetary gain go ahead and throw some personal tweets in there as well! Talk about your day or things that you are interested in, reply to other tweets and get to know some of the other tweeters! Don't send out the same spammy Tweets over and over and over one after one. First of all, it's against TOS and second of all, it is really annoying! If you do this then I will most likely unfollow you very quickly! To keep it interesting I also like to throw in some quotes throughout the day, some inspirational or some funny ones, just to take away from the monatony of it all. Sometimes it seems that Twitter becomes just a bunch of advertisements and it gets old quickly reading through the same impersonal tweets! Make people interested in YOU and who you are! They may be more likely to visit your site that way!

Oh and don't forget to follow me!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

New look?

Ok I did a few things with the looks of this place! Tried to make things look a little bit nicer. The only thing that I don't like is that I can't figure out how to make the area for the posting wider without kicking the sidebar down to the bottom?? If anyone can help just send me an email (link over on the left). I would really appreciate it!

So, a few things we have added include:

--An email icon so that you can email me directly if you have any questions or comments for me!
--A facebook badge so you can add me if you are on facebook.
--Also added a live chat box where you can chat with me if I am online at the time!
--Updated the blog roll...
--A tweet this button on all postings.. if you like what I post now you can click on the "tweet this" button if you are on Twitter!
--I'm sure I will be adding a few other things here and there! I just knew this place needed a change and I am happy with this for now!

I have quite a few new money making opportunities to post about soon! I really, really am going to try to start posting here more often. Damn, that sounded pathetic, lol! Life is just sooo busy right now and it's hard to find just a few minutes to myself to write in here!

Hope some of you stuck around while I was working on the page!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Doing some maintenance work!

Over the next few days I am going to be doing some cleaning up around here! Don't be alarmed if you come here and the layout looks a bit crazy, it's just me playing around with things a bit! Come back soon and see our new look!!