Thursday, October 18, 2007

Uh oh..someone's not happy!!

Word got to me today that some people are having a problem with my posts pertaining to the texting industry. Just like all catty women they are all talking their smack behind my back and pointing fingers while hissing in my direction! Yikes, just like junior high school!

I just have to say this. I know some of you don't like people talking about the industry publicly because it is letting the secret out. Well, you know what? I do this blog to help women just like me and you be able to find legit jobs to do from home. If it weren't for other people letting the secret out then none of us would have ever found out about texting! I did a lot of research on work at home jobs before stumbling onto texting and am very thankful for it. If someone else hadn't let the cat out of the bag then I never would have known anything about it and neither would any of the rest of us!

I'm ending this thing right here and now before any flame wars get started. This is MY blog and there is a thing called freedom of speech. I'm not trying to let out secrets Im just trying to help other people looking for legit jobs! I really hope that we can all remain mature and adult about this and there wont be any shit talking. I don't really care if there is. You see, I DO have a life outside of the internet. I have 3 young beautiful children to take care of, an awesome husband to be with who is also having surgery in 4 days, and a I have a job...and basically, I'm not in 8th grade any more and don't have time to cat fight. Any snarky comments will be ignored because I don't have time for stupid crap.