Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Get paid to watch YouTube videos?!

Since the pay from my texting job has decreased, I have been searching every where for more ways to earn a few extra dollars. Right now I will take what I can get as long as I get paid like I am supposed to! Anyone heard of Paid2YouTube? You can get paid to view youtube videos, comment on them and subscribe to them! So far, so good and I've heard good things about them. They pay via paypal and you can cash out at $10.00! You don't have to watch the entire video either you can just watch a few seconds of it, click off of it and still get credit for it! You do have to have a youtube account to use this service, obviously, but if you don't have one it is very simple to sign up for one!

I haven't forgotten about this blog, just been a bit difficult finding time to write in here now that I'm in college on top of everything else I do! I have a few other things that I will be posting about soon. I know times are hard right now and everyone is willing to do what they need to do to earn a few extra bucks. I hope I can help! Don't forget, if I have helped you in some way, please link to me on your blog or website, I would really appreciate it!