Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another adult opportunity!

This job is for those of you who are a little more open minded about how you can make money from home! is a networking site of sorts. Basically, you post some sexy pics of yourself (do not have to be nude, just pretty and sexy!). Men who are interested will pay you for some extra things like emails, live chat, special private pics (again, do not have to be nude, just whatever you are comfortable with) and live cam chats. I've talked to a few girls who use this site and make a nice amount of money!

It's up to you if you want to give this a shot. Some women have good luck with it, others don't! To sign up you have to post a few normal pics of yourself and then you have to post a verification picture that shows you holding a sign that says, "". That pic is to verify that it is really YOU in the pics and you are not just stealing someone else's pics to use.

I signed up for this but was never verified. I sent a few emails to customer service with no reply. About a week after I signed up my account was cancelled due to non verification. Thinking that maybe my verification photo wasn't good enough I signed up again with a different email address and took a few new verification photos. Still not verified. I sent numerous emails again to customer service with no response. Out of money desperation I decided to try it one more time. This time I used FIVE verification pics and still was not verified! I was very disappointed especially after talking to other girls who said they were verified within hours, some even minutes and were all ready making fat cash! I also spoke to girls who went through the same thing as me and could not get verified!

So, I leave this one up to you! I know that they DO pay, it's just a matter of getting verified and getting your foot in the door. There is no set criteria that you have to meet as far as looks go. We all know that men like all kinds of different women! If you try it, good luck! Feel free to leave me a comment here and let me know how it works for you! Who knows, I might even give it another try sooner or later!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

More easy ways to earn money!

Trek Pay is another website that pays you to look at ads. You log in daily and you gain points by looking at websites. Some of them have extra incentives to earn more points by having you click on an advertising link on their page. So far it's pretty easy and I'm sure if you log in every day you could rack up a lot of points. My problem is I just forget to log in and do it every day, haha. You can only look at the ads once every 24 hours and they are very strict about fradulent clicking. They have new advertisements added daily.


PeopleString pays you to look at your snail mail! They send you advertisements through the postal mail and then you log into the website and enter the code that is provided on the advertisement and you get paid! They also have other ways that you can earn money and some other fun things to do while you are there! It's so easy!