Thursday, August 6, 2009

More easy ways to earn money!

Trek Pay is another website that pays you to look at ads. You log in daily and you gain points by looking at websites. Some of them have extra incentives to earn more points by having you click on an advertising link on their page. So far it's pretty easy and I'm sure if you log in every day you could rack up a lot of points. My problem is I just forget to log in and do it every day, haha. You can only look at the ads once every 24 hours and they are very strict about fradulent clicking. They have new advertisements added daily.


PeopleString pays you to look at your snail mail! They send you advertisements through the postal mail and then you log into the website and enter the code that is provided on the advertisement and you get paid! They also have other ways that you can earn money and some other fun things to do while you are there! It's so easy!


The Money Inspired said...

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Natalie said...

I totally LOVE People String! I have been with them for about a month and have made over $25.00 so far so next time they do cash out, I should get paid:)



Slick Mom

Jack said...

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