Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Out of Order

My internet is temporarily off but hopefully not for long. I may attempt to do some blogging via my phone but not sure how easy that will be. Send me an email if you need something. I can check my email on my phone. I will be back soon!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Guest Post: Welcome Kandi from Gluten Free for Jen

I'm inviting anyone who is currently working from home to guest post on this blog. If you are interested, please contact me via the email button in the side bar! Welcome out first guest poster, Kandi! Please stop by her blog and say hello.


I have been talking with Crazed Mama's in regards to what I do to make money from home. So I offered to share my business with you guys.

I do a couple of things to be honest. First the simple one- I am a mom blogger. While it does not pay a lot, yet, I am slowly starting to earn some extra cash here and there but most of my compensation comes in the forms of products. I am a member of sites such as Share a Sale which is where you can become an affiliate for a number of stores. I also write some articles as a Yahoo Contributor which pays based on the # of views. Then there is the sponsored posts that I will do on occassion. It is just a fun way to write, share ideas and opinions by being a mom blogger.

But my biggest job that I am starting to get off the ground is being in IBO for Amway. It is kind of like being an Avon Rep. My site offers anything a person could need from natural make up from the Artistry Line, the natural/organic cleaning line Legacy of Clean, to the organic vitamins from Nutrilite. We also carry a jewelry line and a gift card collection line and laundry items. I could go on. That is why I signed up to be in IBO. It really is a versatile company that has no limits.

Another reason why is because of their payouts. It is commission based but it isnt an MLM type of deal. If you sponsor people and they do not meet their sales qouta- you still get the money for the sales you generate! And if you don't meet your sale quota and your downline does- you still get the bonus commissions from them. The more you do the more you get. Here is a look at their pay scale

100–299.99......................3% of your BV
300–599.99......................6% of your BV
600–999.99......................9% of your BV
1,000–1,499.99................12% of your BV
1,500–2,499.99................15% of your BV
2,500–3,999.99................18% of your BV
4,000–5,999.99................21% of your BV
6,000–7,499.99................23% of your BV
7,500 or more...................25% of your BV
All the products you sell are assigned a Point Value (PV) and a Business Volume (BV). Monthly Performance Bonuses are calculated using the PV and BV you generate through your product orders, the orders created for or by your customers, and those placed by IBOs you sponsor.
PV determines your bonus percentage. The more PV you and Downline IBOs earn each month, the higher your bonus percentage. BV determines the dollar amount that your PV percentage is applied to. Because bonuses are calculated monthly, PV/BV accumulates only in the month it is earned. Balances are not carried forward from month to month.

So pretty much if you hit 100 PV then you get 3% of your sales. The more you sale the more commission you get. But then they have all the other bonus for if you go up to say a diamond, or platnum or ruby level.

If you would like to know more feel free to go here for more information. You may also Contact Me and I would be happy to answer any questions about the products or the business.

About me: My name is Kandi and I am the owner/writer for Gluten Free for Jen. I am a stay at home mother of 2 and started blogging in December of 2011. I started my blog to share my recipes, crafts, stories of my family and product ideas/suggestions and to help promote my Amway Business.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Be Wise When Looking for Freelance Work

I have stressed many time before that when you are looking for freelance work, you need to set a reasonable price for yourself. Everyone's time is valuable. When you apply via websites such as oDesk or elance, many of the clients are only looking for the cheapest price and unfortunately there are many, many freelancers out there who will gladly work for pennies. I've made it a point to tell some clients that the cheapest is not always the best. 

There have been times that I have been desperate for work but I will not work for mere pennies. I can find better things to do than bust my butt to get work done just to earn a little bit of change. I try to make my fees reasonable for me and the client purchasing the work. 

Many potential clients will try to get free work out of people. I can't stress this enough. If someone asks you to write a "test" article for them based on a keyword or phrase that they have chosen or any kind of "test" run for whatever service you are offering for free, don't do it!! You don't know what they are going to do with the work that you have given to them. They may be using it for profit of their own. Regardless of what they are doing, that is still free work that you spent your time doing. I've had quite a few clients ask me to do test runs for them. Some of them offer to pay me, while others understand that I can't work for free. Then you run across people like this:

Suzanne Glathar to Deanna3 days ago
Hi Deanna,
Thank you for responding to my job application. Please complete the pre-interview questionnaire and return to me.
I would also like for you to write 2 articles, 200 words each. The first article is “what is Copywriting”? And the second is your choice related multi-level marketing lead generation strategies. I am looking for articles that connect with the reader and captivate them in to read more. The articles are designed to build a relationship with my readers, so keep that in mind when you write the mini article. I do not pay for the articles, they are your articles, I will not keep them to use for my own personal gain (unethical).
Once that is completed and all is good, I will set up a time for an interview on Skype.
Best regards, 
Suzanne Glathar
me to Suzanne Glathar 2 days ago:
I'm sorry but my time is very important to me and I don't have time to spare to write articles that I won't get paid for.
Suzanne Glathar to Deanna 2 days ago:
No problem I probably wouldn't like your work anyway.
me to Suzanne Glatharabout an hour ago:
Wow, that was rude. Glad I found out now.

Mind you, this woman contacted ME first asking me to "interview" for this position. There was no reason for her to be rude about it and I'm glad I found out how she was before I did any work for her!

When applying for freelance jobs, make sure that you have a full portfolio for potential clients to look at. I have numerous writing samples in all of my freelance profiles and this woman could plainly see if I was capable of handling her job. I understand that some people may want to see a test run before starting a contract but it should not be expected to be done for free, and YOU should not do it for free!

When I first began bidding on freelance jobs, I did become discouraged because it took awhile for me to get actual work. Once I began getting paid jobs, I received great feedback and began getting invitations to interview for other jobs. Don't give up!

Anyone else ever had problems like this?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fabulous Finds for Father's Giveaway!!!!

Yes, it's that time! I know it's a few days later getting posted but there was a little bit of problem in communication but it's all fixed now! With that being said....
Fabulous Finds For Father's Day Winner Takes All Giveaway (ARV $500)

Do you dread Father's Day because you can never find the perfect gift? The Collective Media Magic team, Closer To Lucy, Have Sippy Will Travel, Just Like June, 3 Princes and a Princess 2, and That's What She Said, have found awesome gifts for any dad. Whether he's high tech, healthy, or laid back, we've got a gift that's sure to please. Join us and our friends as we make dads feel like a king! 

One Grand Prize Winner will receive a prize pack of the following items valued at approximately $500:

Linksy EA2700 wireless router Router  with unrivaled speed (value $109) -winner cannot have won a Linksy router in the last six months  

A copy of Microsoft 2010 (value $119)

  An Eat Smart Retro Food Scale (value $40)

A Cafe Press Gift Certificate (value $50)

A Pair of Shoes from Shoes For Crews - Winners Choice 
(no price limit on the pair of shoes! $100 value)

Plus Work Out Gear (winner's choice of item)  
and a 
Series of Books For Dads (value $30) 

 The Fabulous Finds For Father's Day  Event will begin at 12:01 AM May 31st and end at 11:59 June 14th. Contest Open to US only due to company shipping restrictions.

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