Friday, January 30, 2009

How to spot Work at Home Scams

This is a great video about the many work at home scams going around on the internet. Watch and learn.. and the best advice at the end is DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Squidoo So Far...

First of all, I want to say that Squidoo is very addictive! I've now made a total of 12 lenses and 3 groups. I have a whole list in my desk drawer of other lenses I would like to create! Whenever an idea hits me I write it on my list.. something that I enjoy and am interested in.. or a cause that I would like to help out! Maybe ONE day I will make it to Giant Squid status?? One can wish, eh??

Although I'm not an expert on Squidoo yet, I can offer a little bit of advice for newbies. Once you have created your lens be sure to submit it to search engines. Make sure you use a lot of keywords and phrases so that people can find it easily! Lensroll other similar lenses. Join groups or make your own! There are all sorts of ways to network with other lenses on Squidoo. Also, make sure to join the forums and get the word out about your new lenses!

You can also add it to, digg, and stumbleupon. The possibilities are endless. Use whatever resources you can find to get your lenses out to the world!

Put something interesting on your lense. Make people WANT to read it! Give them a reason to! You can also make some money by adding affiliate links on your page that have something in common with your lense subject.

If you have a blog, you can add an rss feed on your lense to help you get new clicks to your blog!

If you are not already a member of Twitter be sure to join up! Every time you update a Squidoo lense you can have it automatically update your twitter account with the link to that specific lense! Follow me on twitter: tatteredsoul77

There are soo many things to do with Squidoo. I will be posting more tips and advice as I learn new things! Please check out my Lensmaster Page which lists all of the lenses I have made.

If you are interested in joining Squidoo please do so HERE!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A few new job opportunities..

Just wanted to pass these possible job opportunities along! I don't know if these places are hiring but it never hurts to get your application in and on the waiting list!

The first one is a Home Based Contact Center (phone work). ACD DIRECT


This next one is a bit like ChaCha where you are doing searches for people inquiring about something! It is paid per "response". From what I've read it looks like you will be able to work your way "up" as long as you do a good job! They require 27 hours a month but you can work more than that! KGBKGB


Friday, January 2, 2009

Advertising: How To Manage The Cost

Before we move deeper into the topic, let’s understand what advertising really is. Advertising can be referred to as the process that communicates to the market the products and services that are offered by businesses. Without proper advertising, consumers wouldn’t know about the products and services offered and for that reason sales would be relatively lower. However, advertising is also an area that needs to be carefully monitored. Let’s discuss the reasons for that a bit more.

When we look at the market place, it is clear that there is a wide variety of advertising methods available. Television commercials and radio commercials can be seen as some of the most popular ones among large organizations. However, these methods, especially television commercials, are very expensive.

Therefore, for a person who runs a home business, these methods may not be suitable. Spending money on advertising without a proper plan could easily cause you to run out of cash in a very short period of time. For this reason, inexpensive ways to advertise your home business must be selected.

If the business is small in nature and only concentrates on a small segment of the market, then advertisements in local newspapers can be seen as a very good choice. Other than this, magazines might also be a very good place to put up your advertisements. For example, if you are a facialist and if you are running a home based business, then advertising your business in a beauty magazine would be cheaper and it would also manage to attract the attention of those who are really interested in that particular area.

Once you begin the advertising process, some other measures can also be taken to make sure that the right amounts of funds are available for advertising. This can be looked at as budgeting. A proper budget will help to forecast your expenses and income. Then depending on the surplus and the deficit of cash that the budget reflects, a proper decision on the amount that can be spent on advertisements can be identified. Proper identification would help you to spend a reasonable amount on advertising and therefore, you will also be able to retain the required money to meet other business expenses. However, if you are planning on introducing a new product, then a higher degree of attention will have to be given to advertising, despite the cost. Obtaining additional finance from the market can be seen as one option in a situation like this.

With the above information, it should be clear for any reader that spending too little or spending too much on advertising are factors that could easily disrupt the competence of a business in the market place. Therefore, using effective advertising methods and careful spending and planning is always required. However, if you concentrate on the above factors, then you should be able to get a clear idea on how you should manage your expenses on advertising.

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*printed with permission from BizyMoms