Saturday, July 21, 2012

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I've been without internet for awhile here. Was hoping that the problem would be remedied quickly but it looks like it won't be back on until I land a job outside of the home. Obviously, if we have no internet, I can't earn a dime online. I can get online from my phone but can't “work” that way. I tried to post on here about 10 different times using the Blogger App but every time I did, I would get an 'unexpected error' and would have to force the app closed, wasting everything that I had typed via my tiny little phone keyboard.

All of this time away from the internet and this blog got me thinking and I am seriously considering whether I want to keep up this blog or not. This blog is centered around working from home. When I started it, I was working as a texting op making decent money, about as much as what a part time job outside of the home would make without the cost of daycare or gas for the car. The whole texting world kind of went down hill and I was making less money and less money every month.

I decided to make a change and switch to freelance writing. I was writing for Demand Studios and making some nice cash every week; articles were always there waiting to be written and at $15 a pop, I was doing pretty good. Then, out of nowhere, when I would search for articles to write, there would be no good ones left. They would all be articles about fixing a car or something that I had no clue about, and eventually I would log on and there would be no articles at all. I soon found out that Demand made changes to where only certain writers got access to the good articles first. I don't know how they chose who got first access but I wasn't on the list.

I had written articles on other websites such as Suite 101 and hubpages. I earned a little bit from Suite 101 but not nearly as much as I was earning with Demand, not even close.

I graduated college last year with a degree in Medical Assisting. As soon as I graduated, I began the task of job hunting for a 'real' job, outside of the home. I didn't have much luck and I took a break from job hunting due to some personal problems.

In the meantime, I was doing little odd writing jobs here and there via oDesk and elance but they were not steady and not anything that I could count on getting paid for on a regular basis.

I began job hunting again about a month ago, applying everywhere and anywhere that I could think of, even if it wasn't in the medical field. I need a job and need one NOW. I still haven't had any luck. Had an interview yesterday but not expecting a call back because my luck has been THAT bad. I often wonder what an employer thinks when I tell them that I've been a 'freelance writer' for the past 7 years. Do they believe me or are the secretly laughing in their head? Hmmmm

Now that our internet is off, I haven't been able to make any money at all. I've been thinking about blog posts to write and post when I do have access to a computer and it dawned on me: how can I continue a work at home blog when I'm not even working from home any more?

I have a total of 4 other blogs, including my newest one which is for the new business I have recently started B and D Novelties andGifts but THIS one has always been my biggest. I'm wondering, if I make the decision to stop doing this blog, will any of my readers follow me to my other blogs? Would you even be interested in what I have to say?

I'm still throwing some ideas around. In the mean time, go up to the “my other blogs” tab at the top of the page to check out my other blogs and leave me a comment to let me know YOUR opinion!