Monday, November 2, 2009

Magpie for Twitter, ripoff??

In a post I wrote a few months ago I talked about using Magpie to make money with your twitter account. Well, apparently it's not as wonderful as I first thought!

I got an email from Magpie a few days ago informing me that my account has been suspended due to too many automated tweets. First of all, as far as I know, at least 95% of Twitter users use programs to automatically send out their tweets! What is wrong with that?? Is it wrong that I can't just sit online 24 hours a day like some do and send out tweets all day long one by one? I've always tried to throw in some personal tweets and funny/interesting tweets, too to give it a more personal touch! I like using Twitter to promote my blogs and other things that I do online! What exactly is wrong with that? What is wrong with using a program that just makes things easier for busy people? Magpie has continued to send out their advertising tweets abd have received plenty of legit hits. How am I cheating anyone or anything just because I automate some of my tweets??

I hope that Magpie is not trying to do what I've heard google adsense has done to a lot of people! I hadn't checked my stats in a few weeks but I do know that I was getting pretty close to payout. NOW they want to suspend my account which means I lose all of the money that I have earned and I can't even get to my stats now to see what amount I was at!? I just lose everything! They tell me that the only way I can remedy this is to make sure that less than 15% of all my tweets are automated! Less than 15%, are u freakin' kiddin' me?? Kiss my ass Magpie. You got your money and now you want to steal mine??