Monday, November 2, 2009

Magpie for Twitter, ripoff??

In a post I wrote a few months ago I talked about using Magpie to make money with your twitter account. Well, apparently it's not as wonderful as I first thought!

I got an email from Magpie a few days ago informing me that my account has been suspended due to too many automated tweets. First of all, as far as I know, at least 95% of Twitter users use programs to automatically send out their tweets! What is wrong with that?? Is it wrong that I can't just sit online 24 hours a day like some do and send out tweets all day long one by one? I've always tried to throw in some personal tweets and funny/interesting tweets, too to give it a more personal touch! I like using Twitter to promote my blogs and other things that I do online! What exactly is wrong with that? What is wrong with using a program that just makes things easier for busy people? Magpie has continued to send out their advertising tweets abd have received plenty of legit hits. How am I cheating anyone or anything just because I automate some of my tweets??

I hope that Magpie is not trying to do what I've heard google adsense has done to a lot of people! I hadn't checked my stats in a few weeks but I do know that I was getting pretty close to payout. NOW they want to suspend my account which means I lose all of the money that I have earned and I can't even get to my stats now to see what amount I was at!? I just lose everything! They tell me that the only way I can remedy this is to make sure that less than 15% of all my tweets are automated! Less than 15%, are u freakin' kiddin' me?? Kiss my ass Magpie. You got your money and now you want to steal mine??


yeah said...

Hi there,

automated tweets are considered fraud as stated in our terms and conditions. Users who use feeds and automation in their accounts actually cause a lot of trouble because we need to explain to the advertiser why their ads went out on accounts which have none but fake activity. Consequently, to prevent this, we regularly check for patterns of fraud, suspend accounts if needed and refund the advertisers immediately.

We do not keep the money for ourselves we actually spend a lot of time and effort on this and - as we refund the advertisers - give up our commission as well.

Thanks for listening,

CEO Magpie & Friends Ltd.

crazedmama said...

Well im far from a FRAUD. Don't know how automated tweets are considered fraud but whatever. Sorry I dont have time to sit at home 24 hours a day with my thumb up my bum to send out tweets. I actually have a REAL life apart from cyber world!!! The hits you have received are all LEGIT hits and that is what counts, ISNT IT??? not whether my tweets are automated or i sit at home all day and tweet them by hand!! Ive been using magpie for quite awhile now, just a bit ironic how now that I'm almost to pay out you decide im a "fraud".

Jacq said...

Some online stuff like this happens. Well I think just good and proper communication should be made between both parties.
-John@College and Career Planning

crazedmama said...

That made no sense Jacq. How would proper communication solve this problem??

REYAH said...

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