Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Flashlight/Keychain Review

I received a cute little flashlight keychain in the mail a few weeks ago. I would have written this review sooner, but I had a death in the family. I've been wanting to get a flashlight keychain for awhile now, especially since I go to college in the evening and it is typically dark when I walk through the parking lot. This is an LED flashlight that is extra bright and comes in super handy when trying to see your way through the dark or find a key hole in the night time. It also includes a red laser pointer which is nice to have, but honestly, who uses laser pointers? Unless you give lectures and need to point to something, is it really a necessity? Don't get me wrong, my cats love to chase the pointer around the room, but to me, personally, it is not an important aspect of the flashlight.

I have two complaints about the flashlight. First of all, when I got the flashlight, I thought it didn't work because it would not turn on. There was a piece of paper in between the two small batteries which I'm assuming was put there so that the light didn't come on on its own? It would have just been nice if they would have sent a small note explaining about that tiny piece of paper so that I didn't think I got a junk flashlight keychain! Also, the flashlight comes on very easily. It seems to come on a lot when I'm not using it or even using my keys. My kids will start yelling, "Your light is on!". Maybe the button is a bit too sensitive? That's a good way to run down the battery that way. Luckily, the LED light is supposed to have a 100,000 hour life span!

*This product was sent to me for review purposes. This is my 100% honest review of the product.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Little Time Off

Just wanted to let everyone know that I may not be posting here for awhile. I've had a death in the family and am  dealing with much of the funeral arrangements on top of having to finish my last class at school this week, and grieving. I will be back soon.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Guest Post: Taking the Risk

Guest post by Penny M. Loretto.

I currently have three jobs and two of them involve working from home. I thoroughly enjoy my regular 9 – 5 job working in academia; but I must say that the enjoyment I get from working at my own business and writing from home really excite me in a totally different way. I also find that my at home jobs offer me a new and exciting way to hone in on my creativity. First off, I created my own business from home where I offer career counseling to individuals interested in career planning or transition.  Secondly, I write for About.com, an affiliate of the New York Times, where I create blogs and articles on the topic of internships.

It was by taking the risk to start my own business that got me where I am today.  It was through my own personal interest, researching, and networking that landed me my writing job with About.com.  I had been looking for alternative ways to make some additional money from home, and I can’t explain how exciting it has been doing the work that I do.  There’s also a sense of pride that comes along with establishing yourself as an expert in your field and finding yourself in a position where you have no accountability to anyone but yourself.  Many people ask if it’s easier working from home each day than driving to a job that offers no flexibility with your time. I suggest that people interested in working from home, must have the ability to be extremely disciplined and motivated, and either possess or take the time to learn some excellent time management skills in order to be successful. 

Although many individuals think that working from home offers complete freedom and flexibility, I find myself often working overtime and have to be disciplined enough to carve out time for relaxation because I’m so into what I’m doing.  Almost anyone who possesses a specific skill, product, or service to sell can enjoy a decent income by working from home if they have the motivation and discipline it takes to become successful.  There are also many companies who now offer the flexibility to their employees to do some or all of their work from home.  If you keep your eyes open and research and speak to as many people as possible, you’ll be sure to come across the right opportunity for you.  Many people who started working from home part-time, have found themselves successful enough to turn it into a full-time job.