Monday, December 22, 2008

Making a Squidoo lense or lenses!

Squidoo lens. Ever heard of it?? A lot of people haven't. I joined Squidoo awhile back.. made a few lenses and then sort of forgot about it. As I've been searching for new ways to earn money I stumbled across Squidoo again and began to read more about it!

What is a Squidoo lens? Well, it's like your own little webpage. You make a "lens" for a specific subject... something you should be knowledgeable about. You add links and photos and articles about the subject of your lens. Others can "lensroll" you and link to your page from their page.

How can this make you money?? Well Squidoo shares their advertising revenue with all of the lenses. The higher "rank" that you have, the bigger percentage you will make. Also, the more lenses you have, obviously the more money you will make.

You also have a chance to sell products through affiliate links from ebay, cafe press, zazzle, clickbank and others. You can have specific products listed that go along with the subject of your lens. If someone buys one of the products through your lens then you get a percentage of the sales as well.

I've done a lot of research on Squidoo and have found that some of the long time squid lensmasters are making some very decent money! They pay via Paypal.. OR you can donate your earnings to a charity. You can also make lenses for a specific charity and set it so that all of the earnings from THAT lens go to the charity. So you can do something helpful along with making some extra cash along the way.

You can also become a "giant squid" which is someone who has atleast 50 GOOD lenses. I honestly can't think of 50 things to make a lens for? lol.. but I'm going to try! I'm going to just keep doing a few at a time and hope I can keep up with them!

On top of all of that it is a great way to get more traffic to your blog or website. You can make a lense ABOUT your blog or website and link to it! I've made one for all of my blogs!

I will be posting more tips for Squidoo here as I come across them! If anyone wants to venture with me then come on over and leave me some comments.

Here are links to the lenses I have made so far.






Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wondering About Working from Home??

I will be posting interesting videos from time to time that have to do with working from home! Feel free to comment on them!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Suggestions and Link trades??

Ugh, I've been sick for the past week and a half. This stupid cold/flu thing, whatever you want to call it has really been kicking my butt! Sore throat, cough, stuffed up nose, plugged up ears, headache, blah, blah, BLAH! It was just going on and on with no relief! Needles to say, I've not felt much like blogging.. I had to force myself to work every day through it! I finally got to the doctor yesterday and got on an antibiotic! Hope it works and fast!!

I am hoping that I have a few readers here?? lol.. I would love for some of you to leave me a comment and let me know of some LEGIT things you have earned money from online. Can be surveys, paid emails, paid to sign up, cafe press.. anything that you have earned money from! Leave a link in my comments section with a BRIEF explanation of it! I will do a bit of research and post about it here! *and how about a link to YOU for telling us about it??* So go ahead and leave me a comment and tell me what you have done!

I will also be updating the links section, so if you are interested in trading links please leave me a comment! Just make sure that your blog has something to do with working from home!