Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Are you creative enough??

If you have a creative mind and like to work with graphic design then a great start for you would be cafepress. They have all kinds of gifts including shirts, hats, journals, mugs, clocks, note cards and many other items that you can sell with your own design on them.

You can start out small and run a free store or you can pay a small monthly fee to have a nicer, bigger store with more options. You pick what products you want to sell and you design the artwork for on the product and then design your store. You set your own prices and you decide what you want to sell! Cafepress does the rest! When a customer wants to purchase something from your store cafepress does the leg work by taking care of the transaction, making the product with your design on it and shipping it to the customer. Cafepress tells you what their "base" price is and then you choose to set the price that you want to sell the products for and whatever price is above the wholesale price, YOU get! Once you reach the minimum payout ($25) they send a check out to you.

They also offer an affiliate program where you can help promote other cafepress stores and earn a percentage of what they sell (more info on that later) and you can also have other stores help promote you and get your name out to the public!

Running a cafepress store can be a lot of fun. I will be giving more tips and information on how to run a cafepress store in upcoming posts, but in the mean time be sure to check out my own cafepress store DAFT CREATIONS!

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