Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Suite101 for writers

Suite 101 is another website to write for when looking for a monthly residual income. Unlike eHow and Hubpages, you have to actually apply with suite101, supplying them with two sample articles that you have written. I got an approval letter from then within 24 hours of submitting my application. With suite101 you can choose to write about whatever you wish, however, they are a bit more strict about things. For instance, if you use a photo in your article you have to supply a photo credit. They also have a specific way they would like the articles to be written to improve key word optimization.

After you have submitted an article to suite101, an editor will read it within a few days (sometimes it may be a week, or so). They may give you suggestions for improving the article. These are only suggestions and do not have to be changed. I did have one article that I wrote and put in too much of my own opinion into it, therefore, they made the article inactive until I was able to re-write it better. As with demandstudios, most of the editors are helpful, but you may still come across one that comes off as being a bit rude or a “know it all”. Being a writer, you have to learn to just let things slide off of your back and not take them too personally.

Also, with suite101 you have to submit a minimum of 10 articles every 3 months. I thought this may be a bit difficult but it hasn’t been so far. I’ve even used some of my rejected demand articles for suite101 with no problems.

Now, I’m not quite sure how this happens, but my suite101 articles seem to get a lot more traffic than any of my articles on hubpages, or eHow. For instance, one of the first articles I wrote on suite was one for St. Patrick’s Day (it was about that time) and within a few days I had over a thousand hits. Last week I wrote one about Cedar Point (an amusement park in Ohio) and when I checked my status a few days ago, I had over 4,000 views!! In only a few days! Even though I’m not at payout yet, I have already accumulated more with suite101 than I have anywhere else, and I have less articles on suite. I’ve read the opposite on other blogs, where some writers earn more with hubpages or eHow than they do with suite. I can’t figure out why. Maybe it all depends on what subject you are writing on! Here are a few sample Suite101 articles that I have written so that you can see what sort of format they are looking for.

Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio

In my future posts, I’m going to talk about various ways for promoting your articles, and how to come up with subjects to write on, but don’t worry, even if you are not into writing, I have quite a few other money making tips to share, too.

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Dalia (Generation X Mom) said...

Great information! I have never looked into HUB pages, but do like Suite 101.

crazedmama said...

Have you written a lot of articles Dalia? Done good money wise? Thanks for the comment!