Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tone A Day: Opinions Needed

I've decided to start asking my readers for their own opinions on the various money making strategies I post about. I'm asking that if you have had your own personal experience with the subject of this post, please leave us a comment and give us your own personal opinion and/or experience with them. This way, other readers can get various opinions about it before they jump into it head first.

Tone A Day sounded easy enough. I heard some others talking about it, saying that you could make $200 a month with it. I remembered that I had signed up for them quite awhile ago but didn't get anywhere with them because there were not many phrases to rate. When you rate a phrase for Tone A Day you are given a short sentence, or maybe just a snippet of a sentence, as if it were sent to you in an email from someone else, and then you rate it with how the words make you feel, such as anger, enjoyment, embarrassment..etc.. It really is that simple. You do have to pass a test when you first join just to ensure that you understand basic English words. When I first joined up last year some time, you got paid so much for every phrase you rated. I don't remember exactly what it was at the time. I decided to try it again as it seemed to be very busy and always had phrases ready and waiting. I spent a day rating phrases, but then noticed that the amount I was making had not increased. I did some more research, only to find that Tone A Day had stopped paying per phrase, and now you have to continually rate phrases to increase your "rank" and THEN you get special invitations to work on special projects where you will earn money. So basically, you will have to initially spend hours rating phrases for free until you have a high enough rank to be eligible for special projects. I guess this would be good for someone who doesn't have any other source of online income because you really wouldn't be losing anything besides the time it takes to begin rating phrases, but for those of us who make money other ways, this seems like not only a waste of time, but also some lost $$ when you could be doing something else.

If you have any kind of experience working with Tone A Day please tell us about it, good or bad. All opinions are welcome!


Marjory Steele Skousen said...

Just found you on Give it to me Monday blog hop. Man, I wish I had found you earlier. You have great info. Now a follower and loving your blog.

MissEb said...

I was never a real frequent ToneADay user. I've made some money with it, but more or less stopped using it when they changed their payment structure.

Hug a tree with me said...

newest follower from the hop:) check me out at whenever u can