Saturday, September 29, 2012

Glade Expressions Review

Being a Bzzagent, I have been lucky enough to receive quite a few items to review and share with others. My most recent items were from Glade. I was provided with coupons for free Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser and Glad Expressions Fragrance Mist.

I have 3 children and a lot of pets, and my house does not always smell like roses. I like to bring things into the house that can help give it a fresh and pleasant odor.

I chose the Lavender and Juniper breeze fragrance for the oil diffuser. I decided to try this one in the smelliest place in the house; the bathroom. Let's just say I have 2 boys that don't always pay attention to what they are doing while peeing causing a constant odor in the bathroom that comes back quickly even after cleaning!

The oil diffuser worked great for a few days but as with most other room air fresheners, I have to say that the scent didn't last long. I was hoping that for the price they are charging for these, the scent would last the whole 30 days as stated on the package. I was wrong. I can't even smell it now unless I get my nose right down to it.

For the fragrance mist, I chose Pineapple and Mangosteen. Oh my gosh, this smells soo delicious!!! It makes me want a cold fruity drink! I've tried many different sprays in my house and am always disappointed at how quickly the smell fades after spraying. With the Glad Expressions Fragrance Mist, the scent sticks around for awhile even after the mist has disappeared. I was surprised the first time I used it when I walked back into the room about a half an hour later and I could still smell it!

I will definitely purchase refills for the fragrance mist but I doubt I will worry about refills for the oil diffuser. The fragrance mist will work great for when you have guests over and want to add a fresh yummy fragrance to your home!

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