Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Cash Crate! Get paid to sign up for offers!

Cash Crate is a fairly new website that pays you to complete offers! Most of the offers are just surveys and can be done fairly quickly. I received my first check from them last week and can verify that they DO pay!

Most of the offers are free to do but there are a few that require a credit card, usually just to pay for shipping and handling or a trial offer of something. You do want to be really careful if you are using a credit card because most of the offers give you a time period (usually 10 days) to cancel so that you wont keep getting charged the full amount every month. The paybacks are usually worth the few bucks that it costs to sign up. For instance, it may cost you $2.00 to sign up but you get paid $10.00 for completing the offer.

One thing that you will most likely want to do is create a separate email account for Cash Crate because once you start filling out the offers you will receive a lot of spam and solicitation emails. I made an email account just for this and then I just sift through the emails whenever I have a few minutes.

Also, make sure you read the requirements for each offer because some require that you verify your email address or that you complete a survey. If you don't check your email to verify your address then you most likely wont get paid for that offer.

They also offer a points system where you can collect points for offers you fill out and then you can opt to pick various prizes (mostly gift cards for restaurants or stores) in exchange for your points earned.

The only downside to Cash Crate is that sometimes it can take a long time for them to verify that you filled out offers. From what I understand, it isn't Cash Crate's fault, it's the advertisers fault for not sending confirmation to Cash Crate. After two weeks with no confirmation cash crate will put the offer back up to be completed again.

There is also a forum for you to discuss problems with other members and they sometimes offer various contests each month.

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