Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Do traffic exchanges work?

There's a big debate about if traffic exchanges are really worth the time and effort put into them. Some say no, others say yes. Me? I say yes!

If you aren't familiar with traffic exchanges, it's pretty simple to do. You surf other sites while a ticker counts down (usually 20 seconds, sometimes more, sometimes less). Once the timer is done you can click on a button to go to the next site and the next site. In exchange you get traffic to your website. You get traffic to your site in trade for looking at other people's pages.

Most traffic exchanges offer higher paid memberships where you can earn more credits for traffic or even buy credits so that you don't have to do the surfing yourself. Some even offer games that you can play to win more credits for your site!

Does it bring traffic to your site? Yes, it does! It will make your counter go up and if you have an interesting enough website or blog then you will hopefully catch surfer's attention when they get to your site. You have to make your site eye catching and different than the rest to capture others attention.

I currently am using 3 blog traffic exchange websites. These are for blog only sites.




Check out each one and decide which one would be the best for you!


DANNY said...

I'm using blog soldiers right now....and that post caught my attention lol All the best :)

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