Thursday, November 8, 2007

Do you myspace?

If any of you are on myspace (which most people are these days, lol) I just wanted to share this great page that you should befriend! It's called Incorporated Moms. The woman who does this researches and lists legit work at home jobs that don't require any sort of payment to get started! She sends out bulletins almost daily with listings of new jobs! Go check it out, look around and see if there is something there for you!

I know I have been scarce lately. My husband had surgery a few weeks ago and just got back to work this week. We are finally starting to get back into the routine of daily life again, however we just found out today that they will probably be getting laid off at the end of November for the winter months. I may take the time to look for a job for myself outside of the house. Why? Well, because, honestly, I need out of the damned house, lol! Im stuck with the kids 24 hours a day and it is starting to stress me out. I miss getting out of the house and meeting new people. It will probably just be part time and I will most likely keep my texting job as well as we will need all of the income we can get!

I will try to post as much as I can here in the mean time!


chicky401 said...

You have a lot of great information here. I bet you have your handsful with the kids-I have two girls and I am turning grey before my time-lol

The E Home Maker said...

i used to...once upon a time. it takes an eternity to d;load. so gave up.

Zexk said...


Please check out my blog

crazedmama said...

Thanks chicky! Yes, I do have my hands full, lol. ..and I am with my kids 24/7 so a few hours a day out of the house would be very nice, lol!