Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Don't hate me!

Ugh, for the few of you that read this blog, Im sorry for my absence! So much has gone on since I last posted in here. My husband had surgery, then got laid off for the winter. He has a 3rd shift job for the winter and I am trying to get back into a routine here, lol. I've been slowly looking for a part time job outside of the home but so far no luck. Sears told me I pretty much had a job there and that a manager would be calling me to give me the job offer and tell me when to start, but I havent heard from them since! GRRRRRR!!!!!!! Im going to try and post here more often, I promise! I'm so bored in the evenings with my husband gone so blogging is just what I need to keep myself occupied (apart from the kids, ofcourse)

Anyway, for all of you myspace fanatics, I have just come across a new networking site that pays you for page views! It's just like myspace where you make your own page, add friends, comment each other, blog..etc. However, with yuwie you get paid for every hit your page gets! Ofcourse you wont get rich off of it, but it's fun to do and everyone can use some extra spending cash, right? I've just started my page so if anyone wants to join me in this venture, just follow me here!! Once I get more familiar with it I will post more tips that I learn along the way!


Jenny said...

Hi there! My husband works third shift also and that's when I do a lot of my blogging too. Sometimes I'm up all night...I can't wait until he is working "regular" hours! lol!

Thanks for the link to the Yuhwie...I'm certain I've misspelled that! lol! I'm going to check it out it!

Jenny-up the hill

Sonya said...

Thanks for sharing the info about Yuwie. I'll be checking it out tonight. I do most of my blogging in the evenings after I've taught my children. We homeschool and I try not to do too much during the day. If we have breaks between lessons, I'll squeeze in some quick reading. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff!

crazedmama said...

Thanks you two! Jenny, I have already checked out your yuwie page! Thanks for signing up under me! I hope eventually it will turn into something nice!

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