Thursday, February 21, 2008

Make money blogging?

This is a subject I had planned to delve into soon! A lot of you that read my blog have blogs of your own! I have always heard about people that make money from their blogs but it's hard to know what is legit and what isn't!

There are other ways to make money apart from adsense (which can be very difficult to earn money from!) How about trying blog advertising? I recently found out about At advertisers PAY you to blog about their website or product/service! Once your blog(s) are approved you have the option to accept or reject any offers you receive! They will give you a short description telling you what the post needs to be about and if you accept it you have a certain amount of time to post your review in your blog! is definitely legit as I completed my first review and received payment from them right into my paypal account! It was so easy and you can give your honest opinion! There are lots of opportunities to blog for money here!!

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