Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Can you really search and win stuff??

I'm trying a few new things right now. I got this off of a freebies site (see link on links list) that lists legit things that she has been paid for.. First I'm trying this:

Search & Win

There are a few ways to win "swagbucks". One way is to do a search from their search engine (they use google for their results so their results are relevant). You get random swagbucks when you search. You don't get them every time, just randomly throughout the day. You can let them add up for awhile and then they have gifts that you can buy with your swagbucks including gift cards for major retailers and various other interesting swag! If you save up for awhile you can get some really decent gifts through them! Another way to earn swagbucks is to shop at online stores from the swagbucks site (most of them are major retailers as well that you might typically shop at online). You can also use the "go green" method which is to send in old cell phones in return for lots of swag bucks or prizes! Ofcourse getting others to sign up under you to earn swagbucks will get you even more swagbucks for yourself!! It's worth checking out. It's not going to get you rich quick (to be honest, none of the online opportunities do) but I do searches all the time and decided I might as well get something out of it!

Im always searching for new oportunities, I just don't have as much time to dedicate to it as I used to! I will always post anything here that I come across online!

I mentioned in an earlier post about the exchange rate sinking lower and lower for texting ops that work for companies out of the UK. Last I heard it was down to $1.46 for every UK Pound. It normally averages around $1.98! This is getting very scary for most of us as these are our paychecks! Guess that is one thing you have to take into consideration before working from home, sometimes things like this happen. It is out of our hands. The whole economy is in a big mess right now.. It's just really horrible when you feel as if you are being cheated out of your money that you worked for and you EARNED.. The job market is so bad right now that it is very difficult to go out and get a job outside of the home anyway.. so most of us are stuck until something in the world changes!

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