Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bangmatch a waste of time?

A few posts ago I talked about an adult service called Bangmatch that gave you a way to earn "pink points" which you could exchange for cash or gifts. It was great fun but I received an email today that they are doing away with the Pink Points! Maybe because they found out that so many people were doing it just to get points? I've no idea why! However, the minimum pink points you can cash in is 5,000. I don't have the minimum yet (I may have if it wasn't for my vacation and move!) so I guess I'm just screwed out of them?? I'm pretty irked if that's the case! They should let everyone cash out no matter how many they have so far! Soo, scratch Bangmatch off of your list! It was fun while it lasted!

Anyway, I'm back finally! Had a great vacation down south for a week last month. Saw a lot of beautiful places and met some great people there! We didn't want to come home! A week after we returned, we moved into our new house. I'm loving it but it has been so much work between getting our old house emptied out and cleaned and then having to unpack and get settled in at our new house. We are still not completely unpacked and settled but we are getting there slowly! I wish my kids were old enough to help but they end up making MORE work for me when they do try to help, lol!

I've missed blogging and will try to get back to posting regularly but forgive me if I'm a bit slow for now until everything is settled and calmed down!


EcoAngelMom said...

I was upset to see this email too! ARGH!

EcoAngelMom said...

I just deleted my account with them today. Their change sucks and it's not worth it to me.

I have way to many other things going on anyway. :)

crazedmama said...

Im deleting my account, too. I'm sure they will see a lot of people deleting their accouts now that they have done away with pink points!