Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Get paid to look at ads!

I've recently come across a great easy way to make some quick cash! It's called youdata and they pay you money to click on ads! You don't have to stay there for a certain amount of time, all you have to do is click! You get paid via paypal. I joined on Thursday and got paid the very next day! It wasn't much but for only maybe two minutes of work I'm not going to complain!

You surely wont get rich off of this but I'm always willing to accept a little bit of spending cash each week!

Once you sign up make sure that you fill out the surveys that they have there. Don't worry they are not the kind of surveys that just gets you a bunch of spam ads! They are just short surveys about you and your lifestyle so that they know what sort of advertisements to send to you!

Sign up here: youdata


janis said...

hi there. i also have something similar to this. it's get paid to read emails. :)

crazedmama said...

Thanks for the info.!

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