Saturday, September 26, 2009

Do you enjoy snapping pictures? Make money with them!

Do you have an eye for photography? There are companies out there that will PAY you for your photography!

Shutterstock is free to join. You can upload your photos to their site and every time someone downloads your photo for use you get paid! I'm going to try it out myself sometime when I can find the time for it!

istockphoto has a little better pay structure however they are a lot more strict! First of all, you have to take a test regarding what can and can not be uploaded or used in your photography or graphic art. They have high standards for photos and your photos have to be approved before you will be accepted. I submitted 3 photos awhile back and was denied. You are able to try again but I just haven't taken time to mess with it!

What other great way to make money than to make it by doing something you enjoy? I happen to love photography and I hope that eventually some of my photography can make me a little bit of money! If you have a creative eye and love photography why not give it a try??

P.S. I also want to apologize for not updating lately. I just recently started school so now on top of 3 young kids and working, I have school 12 hours a week and homework!! I need more hours in my day to get everything done!! I hope you will all bare with me for awhile?? xo

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