Sunday, January 9, 2011

Citi Kitty Tuna Treats Review and **Giveaway**

A few weeks ago, my 4 kitties received a wonderful gift in the mail; Citi Kitty Tuna Treat flakes.

At first glance, I have to admit they looked a bit odd because they are flakes of Tuna. I wasn't sure how my cats would react to the flakes, but they love them! My oldest cat is 15 and deaf, and she woke out of a deep sleep just from the smell of the flakes. This container I received is going to last quite awhile because it is packed full. You can add the flakes to your cat's food or give it to them as a special treat. What I really like about the Citi Kitty Tuna Treat Flakes is that they are healthy for cats as well as being delicious to them. They are high in protein and have no artificial fillers or additives, and they give your kitty a nice silky coat. They come in a 2 oz, 6 oz, or 1 lb.  plastic container (which I'm sure I will reuse after these are gone), and the treats don't require any kind of refrigeration; you can store them with your other kitty treats. You can find the treats at


Do you have a special kitty that you would like to treat with these Tuna Treat Flakes? Citi Kitty is offering to give away a 2 oz container to one of our readers!


1. Follow this blog.
2. Leave a comment telling us about your special cat or cats, along with your email address. If you don't leave your email address, you will not be eligible to win!

Deadline: January 24, 2011

*I was given a free sample of Citi Kitty Tuna Treats for review on this blog. 


MadamMarsee said...

I hate this BEAUTIFUL Calico kitty, named WolvaCat *like wolverine from x-man, cuz she is badass!*
I had my back door open in the summer, my boxer laying on the floor, and Wolva no where in sight. My 1 year old son walked to the back door to look outside, and a crazy dog came out of NOWHERE and tried to bite him through the screen. My Boxer really didnt know what to do, but here came WOLVA! She attacked that dog outside, ripped him away from the back door, and scared him off!!
I love this cat, she treats my baby like her own :)

She deserves some good treats!
GFC follower as well, and on Twitter: missmarsee

crazedmama said...

What an awesome story Madam! I have an 8 month old cat that punks out our Pit Bull all the time!!

A Little of This and a Little of That said...

I’m your newest follower from the Sunday Strolling Blog Hop. Please stop by and follow back.


SubtleSouthernSnapshots said...

I have a cat who we never could name so we named it Mr. Kitty. He spends most of his time fighting to either get in or out of the house.

I found you via the Sunday Strolling Blog Hop.
I'm now a follower.

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