Sunday, January 2, 2011

An Update

Just a heads up, I have a few reviews to get caught up with so those will be coming soon. I had hoped to get caught up over my holiday break from school but I ended up being sick most of the time! Why does that always happen??

I thought I would start out the year with an update on how I am doing with some of the writing places I posted about in 2010.

Demand Studios: Was doing great with them for awhile, had writing assignments to work on every day. Despite the sometimes annoying editor attitudes, I was making money on a regular basis. A few months ago, all of the good titles suddenly disappeared. I was sorting through hundreds and hundreds of mundane titles that I had no interest or knowledge in. The titles are categorized by computers and the computer has not been doing a good job. I search through "health" articles and am flooded with titles about how to fix a car, or fix a plumbing problem. Now, come on, how many auto mechanics do you know that work as freelance writers? Hmmm? I search through animal health and come across topics regarding cat tow motors.. not cats as in felines. I was having a very difficult time finding any article to write about. I would look through the list throughout the day and it was always the same. I couldn't go without making money, so I would end up turning to textbroker or suite 101 to make up for it. I have written only a few articles for Demand over the past few months. I've been very disappointed with them. I suppose I could pick random articles, but I just don't feel comfortable writing about a topic that I don't know a thing about.

Text Broker: Like I mentioned in the above paragraph, I go back to writing for textbroker when I am desperate. Their articles are very low paying, however most of them are 200-300 words and are very easy to write. They don't always have a wide range of articles to choose from, unfortunately and only pay +a month, but they are great for someone just dabbling in freelance writing.

Suite 101: I have 24 articles on Suite 101 so far. I focused most of my time on Demand Studios because I was making immediate money with them, however I think I will start dedicating more time to Suite. I have made payout with them 4 times so far, and each time, the payout has been a little bigger. I know with time to add more articles, this could be a great money earner for me.

Hubpages: I really haven't put a lot of time into hubpages. You really have to find a niche to make money with this website just because it is all based on adsense and amazon earnings. I think people do better with this site if they write articles around a specific item and then link to specific items on amazon. I see a slow increase in my adsense account, but I'm still a long way from payout.

I do have a few new writing places to post about soon, so keep your eyes open and don't forget to subscribe so that you are notified every time I post something new!

Here's to wishing everyone a prosperous 2011!

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