Monday, February 28, 2011

Writer's Access

Here's another opportunity for the writers out there. is somewhat like Demand Studios where you can choose the articles that you would like to write. When you register with writer access, you have to submit a few articles that you have written in order to receive your writer level. The prospective articles will then be listed by level and you will be able to choose from any articles on your level or below, but not above your level.

I submitted a few articles that I have written for Demand Studios in the past. If you have read my blog or work for Demand, you know that some of the editors can be very picky and there are specific guidelines that you must follow in order to have your article approved for publication. With that said, writer access only gave me a level 3 for my writing. Not bad, but the 4s and 5s get paid significantly more for articles. The application process is a bit tedious, as you are expected to give a specific number of articles you have written and been paid for around a certain topic, which can prove to be very time consuming (plus honestly, I haven't kept track of how many articles I have written around one specific subject). 

I have not had much luck with this website for a few reasons. First of all, most of the articles are 4s or 5s, however even when they are level 3 articles they are typically snatched up pretty quickly. Also, article are not always available and the que is cleared out rather fast. They send out emails when there are articles available, however they send them out to all of the levels, so I've wasted a lot of time logging in to browse through the que only to have none in my level. The emails also seem to be sent out around 5am est, so by the time I open the email, the majority of the articles have already been taken. 

So, I basically have no way of increasing my writing level because I can't get any articles unless I am up and online at 5am (which I am not!). Even though I haven't had much luck with this website, I wanted to pass the word along in case anyone else wants to give it a try. If you have had an experience, good or bad, with writer access, feel free to leave a comment and tell me about it!

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