Monday, February 7, 2011

Sidetick: Getting Paid to be Social

I've recently run across Sidetick. It is a social network that pays. You earn points for doing various things such as responding to a blog, opening messages sent to you, or getting visitors to your page, that you can then trade in for cash. I have already earned around $5 from it and have only spent a few minutes a day on it. I have seen proof of payment from other people, so this is legit. Once you reach $25, you can request payout via paypal.  You can also earn points by getting new people to join under you, and then from people they get to join..etc.. Most of you know how the pyramid scheme works. If you use my link to join, we will automatically be friends, so if you decide to join, be sure to let me know you came from my blog! It makes me feel good to now that someone reads this! haha! Apart from earning potential, you can also use sidetick to promote  your blog or website, so that makes it even better!


KerrieLynn said...

Hi, I am a new follower who found you through the “Follow Me Back Tuesday Hop”. I love to find new blogs to follow, so I’m looking forward to following yours. If you are able, I appreciate a follow back ~ I’m still a new blogger and a growing blog is a happy blog!
Thank you!
~KerrieLynn ღೋ☙❤

Madame Deals said...

Hi, I followed you on google friends from and I am looking for blogs that want to sponsor my facebook contest if you can help head over to the discussion tab on my facebook page Madame Deals, INC. I hope you follow me back. Thanks : )

Darcy said...

New gfc & Twitter follower from the weekend hop :)

~Darcy @ Tales From the Nursery~

Loree said...

Hi, new follower LOVING your blog...follow me back at :) Thanks and have a great day!

Frazzled Mama said...

I'm stopping by and following from Hoppin' Weekend. Hope you'll stop by and check out my site. Have a great day.

TheChickenista said...

Thanks for visiting me & linking up for the stroll:) Hey I haven't heard of this one. I'm gonna give it a go. So you'll have me under you :) Thanks for the info!


mmbear said...

Hi! I am a new follower and a newbie to blogging with a little over a month in. My blog is not as technical as all of you and I think I messed up the link that lists all the other bloggers but I do have the button and a comment section for Social Sunday. It is beginning to look like I am going to have to pay someone to fix my blog because I won't be able to keep up if I don't. I want to be a reviewer and maybe later on have giveaways but with the way I fixed the blog, it may not be possible. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I am following you thru GFC and would love a follow back! I do have GFC at least. Whew, thank God for that. Have a great night.


DTalksAll said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm going to check it out!

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