Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beef and guacamole, surprisingly great together

Guest post written by Kathy White

I love to come up with all kinds of fantastic food combinations to make together. A lot of the time I'll combine stuff and not let my kids know and make it into a guessing game. I take this as an opportunity to also get them to like all kinds of food. I used to be a picky eater when I was a kid and I don't want them to miss out on great stuff because they're the same way.
I like to go online with our Clear Bundle to look up all kinds of new food combinations. It's amazing some of the stuff that people will put together into dishes.
The latest one that I came across is this guacamole beef recipe. Never, ever in my life did this occur to me that you could put those two things together and they taste so good! This was one of the times when my family had no clue of the food combination so I just had to go ahead and tell them. But they told me I should fix it again.

*This is a paid post.

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