Friday, July 22, 2011

Zemandi: Getting Paid to Write

Since Demand Studio's list of article topics have grown quite boring and none of them seem to be anything that I have enough knowledge of, I have been looking for other places to write for money. I read a bit about Zemandi and decided to check it out. So far, I am not impressed. First of all, you have to request that an article topic be sent to your email, then you have to go check your email and decide if it is something you wish to write about or not. If you don't want to write the article, you have to go back to the Zemandi website to decline it, and then put in the article number. Seems like a lot of wasted time to me. You have your choice of writing content, review, or blog article. A few assignments I received in the mail were for me to write for free so that they could get an idea of what writing level I am at (isn't this why  most places just ask for articles you have already written), or they are 450+ word articles for $2.50. Really? Even though I am pretty desperate for money, I do value my time a bit more than that. Most of the articles are mundane and uninteresting things to write about on top of the no/low pay. It may be a good place for new writers to start off at and dip their toes into the writing world, but I don't know if you can generate a decent amount of money.

Have any of you worked for Zemandi? Is there potential there? Is it worth writing an article for no or low pay to get to the better paying articles? Please feel free to comment and give us your input!

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Jane Purcell said...

No writer - whether amateur, beginner, or in fact any person with a gram of self respect should touch this ridiculous outfit with a bargepole. Not only is the pay eye wateringly insultingly bad, but you don't even get to put your name after the article. They own it.

The right for someone to identify him or herself as the writer of a piece is about as basic a author right as you can get. So by writing for this bunch of wasters, you 'give up all rights to your writings'. I will repeat that:

You Give Up All Rights to Your Writings.

What exactly is the point of writing for this lot? I mean really? You could start a blog. Why provide free content and the pay is so insultingly low it might as well be for yet another crappy little bunch of users.