Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Elance for Freelancers

I believe I mentioned Elance awhile ago, but never had a chance to really look into them. Since Demand Studios has been extremely slow the last few months, I finally had the chance to work with elance a little bit.

Here's how it works: You sign up and make your profile. You have the choice of going with a free membership or purchasing a membership. The free membership comes with 10 free connects a month. Paid memberships come with more depending on which one you purchase. You can then search through literally hundreds of job offers for various freelancing jobs including ghost writing, blog post writing, article writing, web design, sales, admin support, and legal work. Each job is posted for a specific amount of time, sometimes two weeks, sometimes longer. You can "apply" to the job by submitting a proposal. A proposal includes information about yourself, the skills that you have pertaining to the job listing, and some samples of your work. You will also tell them what pay you are willing to take for the work. Each time you submit a proposal, you use one of your "connects", so if you go with the free membership, you can only apply for 10 jobs. I'm trying out the free membership to see if it would be worth purchasing more connects. The job poster then chooses from the applications who they think would be the best for the job.

Choose the jobs wisely. My advice is to only submit a proposal to a job listing that you truly have the experience and skills to do. You may also want to give them your lowest price possible on the project, because many of the job posters will only look to find the cheapest price for the work. I saw some postings only offering  .50 for a 300 word article. My time is more valuable than that, sorry.

I've already gotten one job offer. I haven't started yet, but I will update here with how it is going. To ensure your payment, you can submit a timesheet via elance so that you won't get ripped off for the services you have given. I could see this having some great potential as long as you find the right job matches for you!

Sign up with elance here.

Anyone else have experience working with elance? Good or bad?


Beckvalleybooks said...

New follower via blog hop hoping you will follow us back at http://www.beckvalleybooks.blogspot.com thks in advance xx

365 Days of Me said...

Following from Blog Hop :) Love your blog and the reviews and giveaways!!

PatriciaD said...

Don't you love when you can give away something really cool! Found you from the Blog Hop.

I have to say though I'm finding it very hard to read with the black background on your site. Just thought I'd let you know and it is just my opinion and it could have something to do with the fact that I'm tired and my eyes are droopy!! Sorry.

Chrystal Mahan said...

I enjoy eLance. Guru and oDesk are decent too. Problem is, I can't seem to catch a break on the "free" eLance in my field. Seems they only want people with paid memberships.