Monday, February 6, 2012

Sweeping/Samples Update for January

A new month is upon us already, where does the time go? January seemed to be a bit slow as far as samples went. I got a few, but not enough to even bother taking a photo of. It included some lotion samples, acne medicine samples, a Progressive sticker (I love Flo!), and a few other things.

Sweepstakeing was a little better in January. I won a workout video from Kelly Coffee-Meyer which is perfect timing because I'm trying to get healthier and work out a few times through the week and this video is more for beginners, so it's perfect for me. I got an email saying that I won some free Maybelline products and a year subscription to Better Homes and Gardens. I'm still waiting to receive both of those though.

Anyone have any luck in January? I don't enter every day like I should, but I do it when I have some free time. The Facebook app is so easy to use, I can do it while I watch TV in the evening during some relaxation time. My kids just seem to think that it's AMAZING that I get free stuff just for filling out a few things online. They don't realize how many hundreds of sweepstakes I have entered compared to the few that I have won. I couldn't imagine what they would think if I won something huge like a trip or a car! ha!

A few Sweepstakes for you to enter:

Sweetheart Sweepstakes. This is through Money Mutual and they are giving away money every day through the month of February. You have to like their Facebook page to enter.

$250 worth of Jeans! Who wouldn't want some new jeans? For yourself, spouse, or your kids!

Auto Zone - They are giving away $250 and then a grand prize of $2500!

Amazon Kindle Fire - This is our very own giveaway! Only 2 days left to enter so enter now!

In a few days we will be hosting another giveaway, so keep an eye out for that!

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Angela said...

I will have to go check out a few of these... after all who doesn't need money or jeans (like you said). Thanks for the information! Maybe I will win me some money!

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