Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some Great Resources for Freelancers

I've found some great websites that are specifically here to help you find freelancing work whether it be article writing, editing, proofreading, ghost writing, customer service, graphic designing, or virtual assistants. No matter what sort of online work you are looking for, these websites may be able to help you in your quest for work!

Rat Race Rebellion - This website has work at home jobs for almost anyone! Some of their job listings include: accountants, bloggers, mystery shoppers, medical transcriptionists, call centers, courthouse researchers, and more.

Freelance Writing Gigs - This is for the writers out there. Each day, they post listings of various job leads for journalists, bloggers, article writers, and proofreaders. The majority of the job leads are found on Craigslist but are for anyone wanting to work from home.

Fancy Hands - This is a job listing for virtual assistants. Jobs are posted and it may be something as simple as setting up reservations for someone or researching a product online. It's typically some very simple tasks that busy people just don't have time to do.

Remember, even when websites say that the job leads are legit, you should always make sure that you protect yourself. Always get prices and terms in writing and keep copies of your emails just in case you need them to prove that an agreement was made. Trust your instincts and research the company if you have to.  Don't accept any job that you are not comfortable with or that you feel does not pay enough. It is your time and your hard work at stake, make it worth it and make it count!

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