Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Update On Jingit

I wrote a post a few months back about Jingit. You can get paid money to watch commercials on your computer. It was legit and I made money from it.. and spent that money. Soon after I posted about Jingit, they were advertising that the website would be "down" for about a week or so while they re-do everything in an attempt to get more advertisers. Well.. that's been months ago. I check in on it once in awhile to see if it is up yet, but still nothing. Although, at first, when I logged in, it just said, "sorry there are no more ads for you to view".. now it just says, "come back soon for more opportunities to earn".. so maybe that's a good sign. I downloaded their app for my Android phone but can't use it. It asks me to log in and then says, "success" and that's it; nothing else happens.

I'm wondering if anyone has any clue as to what is going on with Jingit?? I really enjoyed doing it and it was soo easy!! I hope it gets back up and running soon!

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