Monday, May 14, 2012

Make Money with Cash Texts!!

Cash Texts is a brand new paid to get text messages website. It works by sending various text messages to your phone and paying you for receiving them! You get 5 cents for each text message. You don't have to click on the advertisement in the text but they do offer random prizes meaning that random numbers will be chosen to win if they click on the advertisement. They also have a downline where you can earn money every time one of your friends gets a text message from them as well as long as they sign up under your link. They also offer cash "perks". With cash perks, you get points for text messages and extra points for clicking on the link. You can also log into the cash perks dashboard on the Cash Texts website and earn perk points for visiting links and sharing links on Twitter or Facebook, and the perk points will convert to cash. It's really easy to do especially if you have unlimited text messages. Like I said, they are new but I have already begun earning and I think this can grow as they get more advertisers.

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