Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Offer Your Expertise for a Price!

I know I've been missing in action in the blogging world lately. Been busy working on a writing project for a client, writing 80 snooooze worthy articles. Time is money and Crazed Mama needs money right now so I had to set my priorities! Also trying to think of some ways to spice up this blog a little. Some times I just run out of money making things to post about! Still working on some ideas and we will see where it takes me...

Back to money making! I just came across a brand new website called Talltic where you can offer up your expertise on specific subjects (it can really be about anything!). You get paid to do an online tutoring session in 10 minute intervals and get paid $6 per session. As I said, it's a brand new website so there aren't a lot of tutors available at the moment but once the word spreads through the internet world, imagine the possibilities! $6 for ten minutes? During that ten minutes, you can freely offer up any information you have on the stated topic and the asker or "sponge" as they call it, is free to ask you any questions regarding that specific subject. Once the tutoring session is over, the "sponge" gives you a grade and has the opportunity to leave a comment to let you know anything they think you can improve on or what you did good at. 

I have not signed up for this yet just because I haven't had time. When you think about it, there's not much to lose out on because you get paid for any time you spend tutoring others. When I say tutoring, it doesn't have to mean tutoring on school subjects only. It can be anything and I mean anything; graphic design, web design, cooking, collecting, financial.. any thing!

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