Thursday, February 22, 2007

How about a Texting Operator?

Are you asking yourself, what the heck is a texting operator? Most people do when they hear those words! Not many people know about the texting industry but it's a great way to earn money and it is currently my main work at home job at this point in time.

Let me explain what texting is. Most texting companies are located in the UK. They advertise as a texting chat line where people can chat with others through texting. As a texting op. you are literally paid to chat! Most companies give you a pre-made profile and you chat to customers or "punters" as if you were the person in this profile. Your goal is to keep the punter texting back as they are paying to text you and that is how you earn money! A lot of texting is adult oriented but there are companies who also do non-adult and tarot reading.

All companies work differently. Some require that you work a minimum amount of hours per week. Some have a schedule or "rota" that you use to schedule yourself to work in advance while others allow you to come and go as you please. The great thing about texting is that most companies allow you to pick your own hours each week! If you have an appointment coming up you can schedule aruond that. Most companies pay per text message that you send out, however a few pay per hour and some also offer bonuses if you keep a high retention level.

The problem with texting jobs is that they sometimes take awhile to get into as most companies have a very long waiting list.

You can find company listings on various forums and message boards. I've recently come across a yahoo group called Work at home people. If you do some research you should be able to find other forums that provide information on the texting industry.

My advice when applying is to apply to every company you come across. Tell them a bit about yourself and be honest with them by telling them that you don't currently have any texting experience but are interested in getting into the industry. You can also dress it up a bit by telling them how long you have been using the internet and various chatrooms/instant messenger programs and what sort of creativity you may have. When you email them, ask them to please place you on their waiting list for when they might have upcoming positions available. Also, you will want to email them every 2-3 weeks just to make sure that your name is on their waiting list and to keep your name fresh in their heads!

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