Friday, February 16, 2007

Where to start?

A lot of people are leary of work at home jobs and I can't blame them. There are so many scams out there trying to steal money out of innocent people's pockets and it's hard to know which ones are legit and which ones aren't. That's why I have decided to start this blog. I have tried and tested many work at home jobs. Some have paid, some haven't. I'm going to tell you which ones worked for me and which ones didn't!

My first word of advice: DO NOT pay to work! There are hundreds of advertisements in newspapers and magazines promising that you can make $1,000.00 a week just for stuffing papers into envelopes or putting little toys together. It sounds great, doesn't it? Have you ever called about any of these jobs? I have! The first thing they tell you is that you have to send them X amount of dollars to get your "starter kit". That should stop you right in your tracks. No job should ever ask you for money to work for them! If you went to a face to face interview and they told you if you gave them $50.00 they would hire you, wouldn't you be a little bit suspicious? Exactly! Any job that wants you to pay them money up front is a big fat scam!

There are so many online job opportunities out there and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming not knowing where exactly to start. My suggestion is to find a few work at home forums and look around. A couple of my favorites are and (I will add a favorite links section to my blog for all of the links I mention in my posts.) These forums are full of people that do legit work from home. You can get information on all types of work at home opportunities and talk to these people to find out exactly how they work and what you need to do to get started! This way you know exactly what you are getting into before taking that first step!

My next post will introduce you to my main source of work at home income. It's something that not many people know about but can be great and flexible work for you to do from the comfort of your own home!

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