Thursday, March 20, 2008

Yuwie far....

Ok, so I have been a member of Yuwie for a few months now. As I stated before, you get paid for every hit you get to your page..even if it is just to your blog or your pics..any page within YOUR site pays you! It wont happen FAST but I really think if you have the TIME to put into advertising it and posting in blogs consistently, it has some problem is like everything else, I just don't have the time to dedicate to it every day! My biggest money maker is my texting job so that is what I try to spend pretty much every spare second doing! (and a big reason why I don't post here very often anymore!).

The biggest and fastest way to earn money on yuwie is to get referrals!! It's just like a pyramid scheme. You get referrals and you earn a percentage of what they make. They get referrals and you get a percentage of what THEIR referrals make and so on and so on!! I've been using some traffic exchange sites to help and I have gotten a few referrals fairly easily! A lot of people post how they get their referrals and if you have the time to follow all of their tips and tricks I'm sure you can do decent here.. and apart from the money making, it's still lots of fun! It's just like myspace, really! Click the banner to find out for yourself!! I will post some tips for yuwie, soon!!

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