Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weegy: Get paid to answer questions!

Weegy is somewhat like ChaCha only a little different! Anyone can sign up to be a Weegy Expert! A Weegy expert is someone who answers people's "live" questions whether it be from your own knowledge or from researching the question online. You can earn points and money for answering fairly simple questions! If you are given a positive rating for your answer you earn 5 points. You can also read through other older questions that have already been asked and add your own two cents and earn points. There are quite a few ways to earn points and if you can become a great expert there are ways to be able to earn even MORE points! They also have contests for those that earn the most points each month where you can earn cash on top of what you have already made. The more points you earn the higher your name goes up on the "expert list" and then you have even more opportunities to earn cash!

I think Weegy is a great start for people who want to start earning some extra money from home. There is no hiring process to go through, you just sign up, read up on how to use the website and start answering questions! Easy!

Join here:


Diane said...

The "weegy" link does not work.. it goes to the page..

crazedmama said...

All fixed now! Thanks for letting me know!!

mylotnovice said...

Great but can't see how you can earn money.

crazedmama said...

Your earn a certain amount for what "live" questions you answer! Read through the FAQ and it will tell you! ;)

imee said...

Weegy seems like a pretty interesting site. It's like having an extra job on the side answering questions, you earn money and you can do it as long as your computer and internet is there. It's great for stay-at-home moms, I think.


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