Sunday, October 17, 2010

Do You Love To Scrapbook or Get a Little Crafty??

Being a mother, I love to scrapbook and make greeting cards. My biggest problem is finding the time to do these hobbies, as they are just that; hobbies -- not a must do on my list. I was lucky enough to receive these wonderful items to try out. I was sooo happy when I received this package in the mail, and it gave me a good reason to spend a day scrapbooking and trying them all out!

The decorative scissors I absolutely loved. I have purchased cheaper versions in the past and they ended up being a big nuisance because they would sometimes bend the paper instead of cutting all of the way through. These x-acto scissors were a little longer than the ones I’ve had in the past and they actually cut all the way through the paper the entire length of the scissors.

The craft bond glue spots were almost a little TWO sticky. I think the adhesive could come down a notch just a little bit. They were a little difficult to use. For best results, if you need to cut them down to size, do it with the backing still intact.

The corner punch works great. I’ve been wanting to get a rounded corner punch for awhile, but hadn’t dont it yet. I’ve tried some before where they would cut a little crooked. This corner punch from x-acto made perfectly rounded corners on paper or photographs and it is light weight unlike some punches that always seemed a bit heavy, plus it was super easy to use.

The liquid glue pen is a great idea, but my problem with it is that the plastic on the “pen” seems to be a little too thick making it a bit difficult to squeeze. It is still usable, but kind of a pain to use, however I do like the two different sized tips on each end of the pen.

The tape runner was a real problem. I think it had the same problem as the glue spots -- the adhesive was too strong. I couldn't use it. The tape part of it wouldn't roll and the wheel wouldn't even turn. It was as if the adhesive was so sticky it was all sticking together! Maybe I just got a defective one? I played around with it for quite awhile until I finally got mad and gave up.

I received free samples of the above elmer’s products through my membership with bzzagent.


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