Sunday, October 10, 2010

Making Money With Twitter.. Is It Possible?

Ok, so most people have a Twitter account these days, right? I've had one for awhile now and I know there are lots of advertisements for earning money with your twitter account. It's difficult to know which ones are legit and which ones are just time wasters. I've been using a couple of these twitter money makers for a few months now and have had a positive experience.

First, is MyLikes . Fill out your profile information and just wait for the offers to come. If an advertiser specifically wants to work with you, you will get an email alerting you and you will have a choice to accept the offer or decline. Sometimes the tweets are pre-written for you so that all you have to do is approve them to be posted to your twitter account, or you can write your own if you think you can catch more attention. You get paid for every click the tweet gets and it will be re-tweeted multiple times for you if you allow it. You can also link it to your facebook profile and have the advertisements go out to your facebook friends as well. Even when you don't get the emails, you can log in to your account and see if any opportunities are available for you and choose the ones that you wish to advertise.

SponsoredTweets works much the same way, except you may need to log into your account more often to look for opportunities instead of just wait around for their emails. You fill out ten keywords and you will be able to choose which campaign you would like to work with.

Both of these only take a few minutes to do and I have earned money with them myself!

All of my tweets are not advertisements, just so you know, and if you would like to follow me, here is a link to my twitter page.

Sponsored Tweets works the same way.


Kristin said...

Hey there, Crazed Mama!! I tagged you at Keenly Kristin.

Kristin :)

crazedmama said...

Thanks so much Kristin! I will get to posting it soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Crazed Mama! I just signed up for MyLikes today...any advice?

BTW...I just pushed you over the 100 followers mark! Congrats! Stopping by from MBC. Come visit me when you can.

Warm Regards,
Jen Maddox

crazedmama said...

Hmm, well Walt Life, just log in to MyLikes as often as you can and accept any offers that you may be interested in. They do the rest for you!! Also, thank you for following!!

Abby said...

Hi there! I have both of these. MyLikes probably doesn't like me as I've never gotten anything from jobs, nothing.

Oh, I am a new follower! From the Wobble over Wednesdays!

And then there was Anna... said...

New follower from MBC! :)

This is great- thaks for posting.

Anonymous said...

I'm a new follower and I really look forward to reading more of your blogs! Have a terrific Sunday!