Friday, October 8, 2010

Libman Freedom Mop is a life saver!

I live in a house that has hard wood floors in every room downstairs. I love the floors, but hate cleaning them. It’s always such a hassle to have to lug around a bucket of water to mop with and then dump the dirty water out. I’ve tried the other mops with the changeable pads on them but I thought they were a pain to have to stop and change or they were always coming off while I was mopping.

I tried the new Libman Freedom Spray Mop and I absolutely love it!! First of all, it has a little bottle compartment that you can fill up with your own cleaning solution; it can be just plain water or a mixture of cleaning chemicals. The little bottle just snaps in and out to fill up. The head of the mop has a removable microfiber pad cover that is velcroed on so that it doesn’t come off while you are mopping, and you can remove it, wash it out, and reuse it over 50 times. It washes out really easily, too. The mop head swivels and moves to go in any direction you want it to which makes it super easy to get under and around things or to mop against a wall.

You can spray your solution wherever you want it to go in front of the mop with the trigger sprayer so that you don’t have to carry around a bucket or a spray bottle.

This is the perfect mop for me. I have 3 kids and when things accidently get spilled on the floor, I can just grab the mop, spray, and mop it up. It’s so easy and has made mopping up messes a lot easier on me and my back!

This mop typically goes for around $19 - $24.99 in the store. It comes fully assembled and you can have peace of mind knowing that it is made in a family owned company in Illinois.

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Libman sent me a free freedom mop as a member of Mom Bloggers Club for review in this blog.

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