Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Freebies and Sweepstakes Mar '12

I know, I'm really late posting this for the month of March but I've been going through a lot lately and just haven't gotten around to it. Samples/freebies have been kind of slow lately, but I've signed up for a crap load of new ones in the past week or so, so hopefully I'll be getting more soon. I love getting freebies! Even though you are not actually earning money from it, it still saves you money in the long run. For instance, (I forgot to include this in the photo) but the other day I received a coupon for a free new Suave Karotin shampoo.. Just happened that I was out of shampoo and needed to go buy some but I ended up with a free bottle! Woohoo!! Here are a few freebies I've gotten in the mail:

My favorite is the Shick Hydro razor! I can't wait to try it out!

I usually don't review products that I receive samples of (unless they are sent specifically for a review) but I just wanted to share one of the freebies.

I have problems sleeping some times. Some nights it takes me forever to fall asleep, other times I fall asleep quickly but am awake various times throughout the night and then feel exhausted in the morning. The doctor has me on 3mgs of Melatonin which helps a lot. I couldn't wait to try out this iChill relaxation drink/shot, whatever you want to call it. It contains some relaxation herbs along with 5 mgs of Melatonin. I knew it would help me sleep just because of the 5mgs of Melatonin!

When I was a kid, I remember my grandmother always wearing this sweet smelling perfume. Well, if I had ever taken a drink of that perfume, that is exactly what this tastes like. Seriously. I couldn't even finish that whole tiny little bottle. Blech. It's a good idea but they definitely need to work on the taste.

I haven't done much sweepstaking for awhile, until today, that is... so I haven't had any wins (and still waiting on one of the wins I supposedly won last month). Here are a few good ones that I entered today though.

Win Shell Fuel for a Year

Win a $250 Personalized Pandora Bracelet

Win an iPad 3

Win a Ford Focus

Ok, that's it for now. Good luck and let me know if you have won anything lately!

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