Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pambras Bra Liner Review

Ok, women, this is a subject that we may not talk about much but many of us have experienced this. Who has sweaty boobies??? Me! I have two strikes against me because I am overweight and I also take a medication that causes excessive sweating. It's really quite gross and embarrassing especially during the summer. So much so, that I have thought about going off of my medication but the med. does what it is supposed to do and I don't want to give it up! My back and under my boobs get sweaty, sometimes irritating the skin or even turning into a yeast infection *yuck*.

Even if you don't sweat under your breasts, you may experience some type of irritation from the material on your bra. I heard about Pambras and immediately wanted to try it. They have 4 different types of bra liners including the tummy liner, the bra liner, the unilateral liner, and the bilateral liner, so pretty much anywhere you have irritation from your bra, this liner has you covered! I opted for the bra liner....

This liner is meant to work as a barrier between the front of your bra and your skin so that there will not be any type of sweat build up or irritation. These Pambra liners are also great for women who have had a mastectomy and experience irritation from the prosthetic.

I tried mine out and it works wonderfully! It made my bra more comfortable for one thing. I do have a spot where the elastic rubs against and it gets painful at times and this liner really helped. I will definitely use this in the summer time when it's warmer out. I think it will make me more confident having this liner on and not having to worry about my excessive sweating problem.

If you are not sure exactly how this liner works, here is a video to show you how:

They have a variety of sizes all the way up to XXL and they ship to the United States and Canada only.

They have a lot of great information on their Facebook page, so be sure to *like* their page for more information or you can visit their website.

*Pambras have provided me with a bra liner in return for my honest review.

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